• Job Title: Educational Consultant
• Job site (City and State): Los Angeles, CA
• Employer’s name: Admission Masters Consulting Inc.
• Employer’s address: 3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1820, Los Angeles, CA 90010
• Position requirement:
Master degree in Education or Educational Counseling preferred. Bilingual (Korean, Chinese) preferred. Experience and/or desire working in the field of academic consulting and counseling is a must. Must be able to commute to as many of the SoCal branches in Orange County, Inland Empire, and LA County. Must be professional and proactive. Excellent communication skills is a must.

Counsel and advise students (both undergraduate and graduate student) on admissions, financial aid, and academic requirements. Interview students to determine program eligibility and obtain information required to develop student educational, financial and career plans. Confer with parents of newly immigrated students, academic counselors, district personnel, social service agencies, community resources, educational institutions, and other professionals to discuss students' progress, resolve behavioral, academic, culture shock issues, and to determine priorities for students and their resource needs. Establish educational plan to fit students’ needs and help them to reach their goals by having educational planning meetings with them. Maintain current knowledge of a variety of complex regulations, requirements and policies related to assigned specialty area. Plan, develop and conduct workshops to provide students with specialized assistance and information in assigned area. Develop forms, handbooks, manuals and other written materials to facilitate student advisement. Misc. additional responsibilities may apply.

• Mail Resume to:
Admission Masters Consulting Inc.
Attn.: Recruitment Dept.
3580 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1820
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Email: am.recruitmentdept@gmail.com

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Academic Advising:
Extracurricular Activities Advising
College Applications
Personality Development
Miscellaneous Support