[3/26/15][Irvine High School Seminar]
[2/12/15]Congrats!! Early Accepted Princeton Univ.
[2/12/15][WVUSD College Admission Seminar]
[2/12/15][WVUSD College Admission Seminar]
[2/12/15][WVUSD College Admission Seminar]
[1/31/15][Harvard Early Accepted Student and Mother]
[1/31/15][LA HQ College Admission Seminar]
[1/30/15][Irvine College Seminar]Princeton Early Accepted Student
[1/30/15][Irvine College Seminar]
[9/21/14][World Journal College Fair]Jenny Kim @Walnut HS Performing Art Center
[9/21/14][World Journal College Fair]
[9/21/14][World Journal College Fair]
[9/20/14][the Korea Daily College Fair]
[9/20/14][the Korea Daily College Fair]
[9/20/14][the Korea Daily College Fair]
[9/6/14]The Korea Times Seminar
[9/6/14]The Korea Times Seminar
[8/2/14][LA Seminar]
[8/2/14][LA Seminar]
[8/1/14][Irvine Seminar]

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Academic Advising:
  • GPA Masters™ (GPA Management Program)
  • Subject Preparation
  • 4-Year Academic Planning
  • Course & Test Planning
  • Focus Exploration
  • Resume Evaluation
  • Monthly Checkup Meetings
  • SAT I/II, ACT & AP/IB Exam Preparation Planning
  • Private Tutoring
  • Math/Vocabulary Skills Assessment
  • Essay Writing Practice
  • Summer Reading List
  • Academic Competition Advising
Extracurricular Activities Advising
  • Activities Selection
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Winter & Summer Activity Planning
  • Internships & Research
  • Special Programs
  • Advising Levels of Participation, Achievement and Leadership in Extracurricular/Co-curricular Activities
  • Identifying & Developing Student's "Hook"
  • Congressional Award/President’s Volunteer Service Award Support
  • Customized 4-Year Activity Planning
  • Global Leadership Programs
  • Independent Projects
  • Personalized List of Best-Fit Activities
  • Discovery of Student’s Uniqueness Factor (Color)
  • Travel & Study Abroad
  • Work Experience
College Applications
  • Professionally-Advised Prognosis of College Applications
  • School Selection (Development of Prospective College List)
  • Activity Choice Evaluation
  • Major/Minor Declaration
  • Information Weighing & Selection
  • Campus Visits
  • Recommendation Preparation
  • Essay Brainstorming/Topic Selection
  • Essay Revisions/Finalizations
  • SAT/ACT/AP/Subject Test Prep & Score Reports
  • Interview Preparation, Practice and Arrangement
  • Individualized Application Timeline
  • Appeal/Waitlist/Rejection Support
  • Final Decision for Best-Fit Schools
  • Urgent/Late Application Support
  • Professional Resume Support
  • End-to-End Application Assistance
  • Admissions Questionnaire
  • Admissions Status Check Up
Personality Development
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses Through Personality Assessment
  • Personalized Coaching on Strengthening Weaknesses
  • Increasing Self-Understanding
  • Suggesting Compatible Careers
  • Explanation of Basic Psychological Preferences
  • Motivation and Goal-Setting
  • Time Management Coaching
  • Identifying Preferred Work Environments
  • Individualized Support for Building Relationships with Teachers
Miscellaneous Support
  • Time & Stress Management
  • Development of Leadership Skills
  • Analysis of Learning Styles
  • Study Skills & Habit Training
  • Setting Short & Long-Term Goals
  • Strategic Educational Planning
  • Personal Portfolio Management
  • Financial Aid Assistance
  • Career Counseling
  • Any Other Requested Meetings